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Embracing Rock Bottom

Tonight I had the chance to sit in with a very talented and emotionally driven friend Joshua Bitter. This guy has come from touring at a very young age and seeing the US, to picking up as many instruments as he can to get himself heard and to further share his stories. He doesn't let anything get in the way of him making music the way he wants to. Sitting in with him tonight and hearing his battles with depression and anxiety to ending up in rehab and making a very emotionally-heavy-hitting album in the midst of it all. It's very inspiring in so many ways that he took it upon himself to record his album through his cellphone, while in rehab. (and it sounds killer) He captured moments he probably wouldn't be able to capture in a recording studio environment if he had waited. Its opened my eyes that if you really want something done, it doesn't matter what is used, as long as you can feel the passion behind the craft. Hear for yourself :

The Blues of My Future History

(Buy a copy while you're at it)

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