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Get started recording today (free reaper template)

If you're reading this, I am assuming you'd like to take the dive into the world of recording yourself (or clients) or just want to see what the fuss is about. But, you probably don't know where to start, or how to get there. Getting started can seem overwhelming, or just hard to figure out where to go. Believe me. You DO NOT need a ton of money to get going. Start with what you can afford and go from there! If you're completely new to everything and wonder what gear to get / don't own any yet

Check out my blog post HERE for some recommendations !

But lets get to the good stuff... I'd like to give you a FREE Reaper DAW template-

Click HERE to download your free template and stems (Comes routed out for you, all you do is open the session and start mixing) And if you do not already have Reaper-

(download Reaper here for their free trial)

This is a little free workshop session I created to help get you on your way for writing prepro for your songs, or a template to help you understand mixing better. This DOES come pre-routed, with stems included, so you can re amp, mix the drums, mix the bass and get to the real stuff without worrying about building a template from scratch every time. Let me be your personal assistant for session set up. I've also included a reference mix to help you compare end results!

If you are looking for free VST plug ins to help you along the way with mixing, check out my other blog post HERE

Find us and join our facebook group for a great community filled with artists and recording engineers alike - BlackGateCo Bros Join us HERE If you're happy with what you see and hear and would like for me to Mix and or Master (or both) Contact me at : HERE Or email me here: Lets talk about your project ! Happy mixing!

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