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Your audio advantage with this one template

So lets get this straight.... You want to get into recording. You've been thinking about setting up a home studio to be able to write comfortably at your home for awhile now because you don't want to spend hours at someone else's studio to get an idea out. Your band needs a way to record before hitting the studio but also needs great results to get your ideas across. You want to save hours on session set up and get instant results without the hassle of creating new channels, figuring out if you're routing things correctly and fiddling around with FX chains. You want a quicker session that allows you to mix right off the bat with awesome clarity. It's time to save some money and remove frustrations and get back into making your next hit. Let me be your personal assistant for setting up an easy to use, pre-loaded session that will give you awesome results with very little tweaking. Get this template here

What you get :

I have created a template for Reaper that allows you to plug in and go. Comes complete with multiple drum kits, Amp sims, FX chains for each channel, all while using FREE plug-ins. that are easily downloadable. Stems are pre-loaded into the session so you can hear how it sounds the second you open the project. I have personal tutorial videos of how to install the VSTS easily; a run down of how it works, why it works, AND some mix tricks within the session you can use day to day. You wont be lost in the world of mixing if you are new to it, just follow my guidance videos, It is an open platform for you to expand on. You will gain a huge head start into the pro audio world. Cut out the terrible mix and frustration part. I have spent countless hours finding tried and true VSTs that will help mold your ideas for easy execution, so you don't have to. Multiple amp sims and multiple drum kits are all routed out for ease of use. Spend your time creating the music you want to create, not spending hours setting up sessions and losing creativity! All you need is an interface and you are good to go.

Need guidance in what gear to get before you get this template? Find my blog post about gear here!

This template is fully equipped for you to start mixing your songs with confidence. It comes complete with a mastering chain for the final touches to really let your music be heard. Listen to the template demo here:

Buy this template here Want to listen to my work and see who I've worked with? Check out my portfolio HERE

Want to try it before you buy it? (No vsts/fx chains included.) Get your free Reaper template here!

Lessons for mixing and session set up are also available. Contact- Happy mixing!

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