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Noble- Don't call it a comeback

Noble just wrapped up their debut shows this weekend. Playing Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Ca. The Chxrch in Las Vegas, and The Nile theater in Mesa, Arizona.. Traveling with Noble for this short run was a look into what touring was like several years ago. From parking lot football, to breaking and entering into restricted areas behind the venue for good press pictures, to just their overall demeanor, professionalism and just the interactions with fans at shows. It was definitely something that the scene has been lacking for some time and a breath of fresh air. It was all reciprocated from the fans as they were screaming along to the songs and having a blast and feeling a connection. You would have thought the band had been touring for years by the way the shows went They are gearing up for many more shows this summer and if they are near your city, go out and see them. You wont be disappointed.

Fan video:

Nobles Facebook: Here.

Nobles Instagram: Here Listen to Noble : Here

Photos by Josh Thomas Book him: Here

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