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Free VST plug-ins to record and mix music

Looking for ways to start writing your own music and don't feel like you have the tools to get your ideas sounding awesome ? While there's thousand of free plug in out there; here are some straight forward tried and true ones I can recommend to get you started! Let's start with your DAW Reaper-

While this IS NOT a free product, IT IS very inexpensive with a FREE trial to use! It has amazing routing options, easy to learn hotkeys, and i've made some great songs and records on Reaper. They have their own built in FREE professionally made plug ins to get you started as well! Download here; If you don't have a DAW and are super new to the game and want to get started, this post is for you. (you can also refer to my other blog post " Inexpensive ways to start recording" for some awesome gear tips ! ) MT Power DrumKit 2;

Don't have a drummer or a live room? Just want to write out ideas for your songs? This is a perfect introduction into programmed drums. Very simple interface, and if you're intimidated of the learning curve of mapping in the MIDI notes You can get started learning about midi drum programming HERE) , it comes with free grooves to get you jamming and inspire writing.

You can find this sweet free drum kit on their website HERE; Missing a room full of high end amps? LePou amp sims -

From heavy metal tones to clean and crisp, there's an abundance of hi-end amp heads here that are FREE. Its perfect for writing and getting started with the world of amp sims! You can find just about any tone that you're looking for. Find them here;​ FREE BASS AMP SIMULATION -

Ignite amps is a killer software company that makes even more killer amplifier sims. Blows my mind that something like this is FREE! This is a great way to add some extra grit to your bass DI and bring it to life. Get it here; another favorite would be -


A popular modeler for sure! I still use this thing to this day. It's a great sansamp clone that can really add some girth. with the big price of FREE, what can really go wrong? Download this here;

Now that we have instruments covered, we're going to need to tame them. TSE 808-

10/10 tube screamer clone. Perfect for guitars, i've even used this thing on my drum rooms!

Find it here; Here's a awesome free and easy to use compressor

Audiocation AC1 Compressor -

Very straight forward easy to use compressor. Its great for vocals, drums, guitars, and bass!

You can find this plug in and other plug ins they make for free here;

Add some depth with EPICVERB -

Even after all these years and purchased plug ins, I love EpicVerb. Simple to use, sounds amazing on just about everything you throw it on. Love it on vocals and guitar leads and drum bus! Download here;​ Lets add on a tremolo Pecheneg Tremolo -

Simple interface, a lot of tweakable options, is awesome for leads, vocals and synths! Find it here ; Spaceship delay

Where do I start? This thing has so many delay options, it's crazy. Do it, just do it. Put this on guitars, drum busses, FX for vocals, create ambient soundscapes. This delay is must. Get it here;


Great for snares, kicks, guitars, anything that needs to be smashed, but transparent.

Gclip has brought out instruments of mine in a VERY dense mix. Throw it on your Drum bus to add excitement and even things out. It loves being on vocals, snares, kicks, and it's very easy to use. Download; COCKOS REAEQ-

I love the layout of this EQ and how precise you can make each band. Comes with some presets to help get you started! IVGI - Saturation & Distortion-

IVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, that feels at home on the master buss. It is equally capable of very dense and dirty distortion effects to spice up single track. Its free and worth having in your arsenal ! GSnap-

Save some time and snap those vocals in perfectly !

It can be very subtle with mild correction, or you can go full T-Pain with it. There you have it! A full list of FREE plugins that will help you create and mend your perfect song!

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