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What should my band do to get [insert record label] to notice us? (Advice from Rise Records)

So you're in a band (or an artist) and you finally found your sound, and want to become that rockstar you're destined to be. We sat down with one of the Rise Records A&R , Randi, for some tips to help you along the way.

The question “What should my band do to get [insert record label] to notice us?” Makes its way to me almost daily. While each band/situation is different, there are a few basic tips that can help in almost any situation. Here are 5 tips for gaining attention to your band from a record label:

-Be Professional

While quirkiness is appreciated, no label wants to receive an email that starts with “Hey man…” Until you are on a personal level, keep it professional. Treat a demo submission like you would any regular job application. One thing I can’t stress enough is to follow the label’s submission guidelines. If their website says to email your demo, do not scour google for an hour until you find a phone number to call. They don’t have time for unsolicited music pitches and that is only going to cast a bad look for your band.

-Build Your Brand First

Don’t be afraid to DIY. Has your band played any local shows? Have you booked any tours? Do you have merch? Do you have a social media following? These are all things that labels look at when scouting a potential signing. If the only people following the band Instagram account are the band members, that’s probably not a good sign. The easiest place to start is right in your hometown. Focus on building your fanbase at home, and continue to grow from there.

-Know Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

What do you want to accomplish with your band? If the only thing on your mind is making money and “becoming famous,” now might not be the time to start shopping for labels. Set goals that can realistically be achieved in the near future (ex. having a tour booked before the end of the year), while not losing sight of the bigger picture (ex. putting out a full-length album and booking a full-US tour). This gives you something to work towards, while allowing you to accomplish smaller tasks in the process.

-Keep Your Ego In Check

Nobody likes dealing with a know-it-all. That’s great if your best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend is best friends with Tyler Carter, but that’s not going to make a difference when it comes to your music. Bad attitudes are the quickest way to lose interest and burn bridges with labels, managers, promoters and anyone else in the industry. Don’t bite the hand that could potentially feed your band’s career.

-Always Have Content

Keep your socials up to date. Do you have a show coming up? Did you just design new merch? POST IT. Regular content shows that you are staying engaged, and it allows your growing fanbase to stay connected with what you’re up to. Ready to take your band to a label? Make sure to have an EPK (electronic press kit) ready, and make yourselves stand out. Having readily available content in one place (music, video, press photo, short bio, social stats) gives the label a better idea of who you are and what you have/are trying to accomplish.

Be confident and believe in your band.

If you’ve mastered these tips and feel that you’re ready to take the next step, now’s your time to shine! GOOD LUCK.

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