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Blackgate.... Have you been looking for a place where similar minds can come together and discuss ideas and help branch out and grow your community in which you're passionate about? We are here to bring musicians, artists, and other creatives together in one place so we can learn and grow from one another. Join in our forums and ask away, we'll be bringing on guests that are seasoned in these areas to help give advice and talk about their journey. Onto the other side of things... Our company helps build bands under one roof. We offer songwriting help, recording of songs and albums and visual art to help expand your band. We all have years of experience and road worn-in work ethic to push you to the next level.

Meet Conner.... With the ever growing importance of social media in the roles of growing your band or brand the use of visual representations is at its' peak. Creating a vision for your audience to connect with you on is what will take your creativity to the next level.

Meet Tyler.... From song production to guidance on your musical endeavours I make sure the right steps are being placed to bring everything together on all sides and inner workings of your band. I have over 8 years of experience in this field working with countless bands, nothing is better than seeing the people work with expand and move onto big things!

Meet Casey.... I have years of songwriting experience and pushing my clients to new areas musically. Between playing shows in and out of state and doing tours its my passion to help others get to that next point in their careers. Lets get together and do something great.

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