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Going Behind the Scenes With a Debut Music Video Shoot (featuring Blind Path)

To start this blog off I want to start by saying how much i've enjoyed in recent past being able to shoot various bands for behind the scenes content. I think it always brings a fun challenge, whether the music video be outdoors in natural light or how we did with this video being in a studio setting. It gives me a similar vibe to shooting live photos, without the pressure of having to click the shutter button a thousand times a minute since the band is obviously only playing their set once. Which isn't the case in a music video where a band is going to play the song upwards to 30 times. Let's jump in to Blind Path, some of the dudes in the band happen to be some of my best friends so right off the bat the shooting process was a good time. Generally when doing music videos it starts fairly early in the morning so we're able to get everything done over the course of one day, which leads to a lot of shenanigans since everyone is more than likely delusional from not being used to waking up that early. This day was no different, but the video turned out rad and the song pumps as well. Here's some of the shots that I got throughout the day:

Vocalist: Chris

Guitar: Tyler, Drums: Grant, Guitar: Casey

Bass: Gehrig

Videography: Josh Thomas

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