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Artist Spotlight- Daniel Fishkind

We follow a hard working musician named Daniel Fishkind. He's a killer and driven vocalist with a great passion to spread his art. Lets dive into his journey.

We sat down with Daniel and got to ask him some one on one questions; Why did you create "The Vision EP" and what are your goals within it? Daniel: "My EP " The Vision" is my identity. What I want to be perceived as. I think it's important to be proud of a passion and proud of who you are, and never let anything get in the way of hiding that. I feel like that's what my EP and video represents. Don't be afraid to follow who you are, no matter what it takes." Does it seem that creatives and musicians get lost while trying to stay motivated? Daniel:

"I tried to make it relatable to other musicians trying to do the same exact thing i'm doing and maybe when a fellow musician sees the video, it will give them some encouragement to not give up and pursue what they want in life. It's not an easy path, but it's possible if you give it your all. I also think it's not just musicians, but a lot of people especially young kids, feel like they have to hide who they truly are or don't feel good enough to pursue what they want in life. I think that goes for anything and I think it's important because a passion or identifier can really create happiness in somebody's life to know that they have a meaning and purpose." Run us through what your video is about Daniel: Sure thing, My video is mainly expressing my experience as a musical artist and vocalist. This small video is a little synopsis on who i am, and my thoughts on what it's like to be a musician in 2017 and what i've been currently personally facing within my own musical career. I Am Daniel Fishkind (The Vision EP promo video)

Spending some time talking with Daniel throughout these last few weeks, its very safe to say he's a hard worker that really goes after what he wants. He often travels from Connecticut to New York by train just to pursue his passion. If you want something bad enough, go out and get it. If you're in a rut (which we all get in from time to time) I hope this sheds some light on the subject of being a musician and following your heart and doing what it takes to get to that next level.

Nothing good comes easy.

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