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Quick studio tips with Freddy!


Hey Blackgateco fam! This is Freddy Padilla here giving you a few tips on preparing your band to record in a studio.

We live in a time where anyone has access to affordable audio recording gear, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! Taking advantage of it the best thing you can do! You can pick up a recording interface for less than $99 in most scenarios and to get started! I wouldn't sweat the small stuff like making sure you have the latest and greatest gear to start out, as long as you have something in your budget to get you going, you'll be on your way!

Focusrite 2i2

Learning to record your own preproduction demos is one of the best investment you will ever make. Not only will it save you time and money in the studio, it also allows your band to learn a few things like how to play to a click track, which is the number one most important thing you can learn prior to going in a studio!

It is important for you and your band to have all your parts and tones ready to go before hitting studio. It will save you a ton of time and make work flow easier for everyone. Another tip that will help give you the best performance while tracking is to make sure all your instruments are studio ready! The best thing you can do is find your local tech that specializes in your instruments that you can trust and prep your gear for your recording. It will save you any potential technical problems that will take up a good chunk of your recording time that you pay for away. I've been guilty on a lot this as well and over the years just learned with trial and error hopefully these tips will help you avoid some of the mistakes I've made and get you better results in the studio!

Thanks for checking out the blog post, let me know you think and leave some tips you've learned along the way!

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