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Tour tips with Gino from Dayseeker


We got the chance to sit down with Gino from DaySeeker to go over some tour tips to help you out on the road! Hes been actively touring for over 4 years now with multiple record releases under his belt! Currently on tour with The Color Morale, The Plot In You, Picturesque. New album "Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising" Just dropped, Make sure to check it out and pick up a copy ; You can order off their website . Or over at itunes, Here Let's get started!

-Starbucks is your best bet for most consistently sanitary/private bathrooms that are available in just about every city -A personal dirty laundry bag is necessary. It keeps your dirty clothes separated and ready for laundry day -Dryer sheets have magical powers that get rid of odors so leaving a few in your laundry bag will do you a world of good, as well as leaving them in your smelly shoes whenever you're not wearing them. Otherwise, foot odor spray will suffice. -Walmart is open 24/7 around America, so it's efficient for parking your van to crash in over night. Also great for late night snacking and other basic needs because the 24 hour availability makes it possible at any hour. If you want to bond with another band, have a walmart parking lot campout. -Once you're done playing, tear down as quickly as possible. No one likes a stage dweller when everyone is on a time crunch. -Protein bars are a must on the road considering the lack of food available to you at the right times. It's good to have a protein bar on hand if you ever need to fuel up and don't have time to go grab a meal near the venue. -GET SOME SLEEP. You're going to be sleep deprived situationally if you're not used to planning your sleep agenda around your touring schedule. Sleep on drives when you can, sleep in nice green rooms if you need to, just get enough sleep. I can't stress enough the vast difference between getting enough sleep and not. It's the most important part of staying vigilant on the road. -Vitamins are imperative for avoiding sickness. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat, how much sleep you get, how much you avoid sharing drinks etc. one of your bandmates will absolutely get sick with something, and it's important to take vitamins every day that fight it off. I personally take wellness formula, a multivitamin that blocks the sickness from entering your body, and gets rid of it if it's at very early stages. -Always warm up before your set. I've played hundreds of shows, and the ones that I warmed up for beforehand went much better. If you're a vocalist, warm up your voice and swallow honey. If you're a guitarist/bassist, stretch your hands/fingers/wrists and play your parts that challenge you the most. If you're a drummer, stretch everything and practice rudiments. Warming up is an absolute must if you want your best performance. If you haven't already heard of Dayseeker, nows the time. They just dropped a new amazing album, and they might be playing a city near you. Jul 14- Gabe's Iowa City, Jul 16 -The Stache Grand Rapids, Jul 18- The California Brew Haus Rochester, NY Jul 19- Studio @ Webster Hall New York, NY Jul 20- Palladium Upstairs Worcester, MA Jul 21- The Voltage Lounge Philadelphia, PA Jul 22- Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA Jul 23- Park Street Saloon Columbus, OH Jul 24- The Rail II Peoria, IL Jul 25- Aftershock Merriam, KS Jul 27 -Marquis Theatre Denver, CO Aug 05- Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA

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