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Ghost!InTheWall is a San Diego based band that started in early 2023 compromised of members of touring acts such as Lion I Am, Noble and Outline In Color.
Pulling influence from early nostalgic 2000's Metalcore (e.g., Attack Attack, From First to Last) into more refined modern acts such as Architects and Bring Me The Horizon. 

Ghost!InTheWall has a full time professional producer, mixing and mastering engineer which allows for quick releases and constant content being created.

Over the span of 8 months they have written and released 10 songs with 5 more scheduled for the next year and new songs being written weekly .

As a brand new band they have amassed over 60k plays on Spotify with a steady 5k monthly listeners. Ghost!InTheWall has accumulated over 3k in Tiktok followers with great engagement which has helped them sell over $1,500 in preorders for their first merchandise release.

The feedback from social media and online streaming platforms clearly indicates that there is a market demand for our music. We believe that with the right support and resources, we can translate this demand into substantial sales and loyal followers.   We are looking to get on the road ASAP.





My project-1 (37).png
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